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Why learn Indonesian? Here are 10 great reasons.


If you’re planning to start learning a foreign language, Indonesian might seem like an odd choice… But it really isn’t! 

So, why learn Indonesian? Especially when there are so many other (more popular) languages to choose from?

Well, did you know that Indonesia is the fourth most populous region on the entire planet? This means that you’ll have about 23 million potential conversation partners, if we’re just talking about native speakers. If we count those who speak it as a second language, that number skyrockets to over 200 million!

An Indonesian Child Waving the Indonesian Flag and Cheering

This is only one of the many reasons you should start learning Indonesian now… Do you want to learn 10 more? Keep reading and you won’t be disappointed. 

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  1. Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language
  2. Personal and Professional Benefits
  3. Is it Easy?
  4. The Fastest Way to Learn Indonesian

1. Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

It’s clear by now that being able to speak multiple languages is a great advantage for your social and professional life. Did you know, however, that the benefits of learning a second language can actually extend way beyond our practical everyday lives?

Studies have shown that being multilingual actually affects the brain and its functioning, as well as personality and development, in ways we never realized before. 

So, here are the first few reasons why you should learn Indonesian (or any other language, for that matter).

Reason 1: It will change the way you think.

Learning another language opens your mind. 

This is no news, of course, and language-lovers all over the world have reported genuinely changing and transforming over the course of their language learning journey.

Learning a foreign language helps you develop new skills, which in turn allow you to think about and see the world in a different way. Along with these new abilities, you’ll acquire new tastes and it’s likely that your attitudes will shift as well.

No worries though, these changes are always positive. They’ll simply allow you to add nuances and layers to your knowledge and character, making you a more affable, compelling, and open-minded individual. 

Reason 2: You can gain access to a whole new world.

Once you learn a new language, a whole new world of content opens up to you. Many people don’t even realize this when they set off to learn a foreign language, but there’s a whole Google in every single one of them. 

So, instead of typing what you’re looking for in English, type it in Indonesian and you’ll find…well, authentic Indonesian content. And not only that which has been translated or filtered for you!

This means more music, recipes, films, series, and much more. Go explore the Indonesian online world and practice your skills with local, original content.

Reason 3: Learning a second language improves one’s brain function.

It has been proven that studying foreign languages improves creativity, problem-solving abilities, and multitasking skills. And the benefits don’t even end there: Science has also shown that being multilingual can substantially delay the onset of illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

A Brain Surrounded by Sketches of Different Thoughts

Are you looking for a way to keep your brain healthy? It really is quite simple: Pick a language and start learning it! People who are able to speak more than one language can be more aware of their surroundings, and exhibit finer logical and perceptive competences.  

Research is proving that bilingual brains display—and are able to develop—a greater number of neural pathways, which results in the processing of information through a wider variety of channels.

What better reason to learn Indonesian? It will improve your health while making you smarter and more creative for the rest of your life!

2. Personal and Professional Benefits

Now that we’ve listed some of the advantages of knowing a foreign language in general, let’s jump back to those concrete, day-to-day life reasons to study Indonesian. 

After all, we all want to reap the benefits of knowing a new language as soon as possible, don’t we?

Reason 4: You’ll have more travel opportunities.

Yes, this is probably what you thought about first… Pristine beaches in Bali, great food on the streets of Jakarta, and boat rides across the Indonesian archipelago.

A View of Jakarta, Indonesia from a Balcony

If you speak even some basic Indonesian, traveling will be easier and safer. By being able to communicate with the locals, you’ll surely be able to experience a more authentic and unique side of the country as well.

Speaking of which, knowing Bahasa Indonesia will also come in handy in other countries of Southeast Asia, as it’s mutually intelligible with Malay, Brunei, and other local dialects of the region. Pretty amazing, don’t you think? 

Reason 5: Have we mentioned the Southeast Asian business benefits?

Even if English is widely spoken by young people, learning to communicate in Indonesian is essential if you’re planning to work in close contact with the Indonesian or Southeast Asian market. 

The Indonesian economy is growing rapidly, and investing in it seems like a good idea. It’s predicted to become one of the biggest economies in the world, and could reach levels like those of China and India in the next 10 years. 

If your goal is to do business in Southeast Asia, you definitely have a good reason to learn Bahasa Indonesia as soon as possible. You can certainly use your language skills to stand out in the business world.

Reason 6: You’ll get better deals.

Whether we’re talking about bargaining at a market in Bali to bring back some souvenirs, or discussing money with your Indonesian business clients, you’ll probably end up getting a better deal if you speak the seller’s (or buyer’s) native language.

Two Business People Shaking Hands

So make sure you know your numbers in Indonesian, and don’t be afraid to use your language skills. They’ll be surely appreciated and are likely to get you farther than you thought they would when striking a business agreement.

Reason 7: It’s a great way to really dive into the culture.

If you’re not the bargaining type, don’t worry. After all, as they say, language can be seen as a window into culture, and knowing Indonesian will really help you understand the life and habits of those who speak it. As we already mentioned, you’ll have access to so much more information than just that which is available in translation; this will allow you to deepen your connection to the history, customs, and beliefs of the Indonesian people.

For those of us interested in understanding and connecting with new places in the world, knowing the language really is an invaluable tool. Not to mention the fact that, if you want, you’ll have the opportunity to experience Indonesian life as a local. And that’s not something just anyone can do.

3. Is it Easy?

Now, you might be thinking: Okay, but isn’t Indonesian extremely hard to learn? 

Actually, you’d be surprised!

Also, it’s not only the complexity of the language that you should take into account, but also the resources available to study and practice it. The right tools can make learning a language much easier and much more fun. 

Reason 8: It’s easy! 

Even if it differs from English in almost all aspects of vocabulary and grammar, the Indonesian language is still relatively easy to pick up and use. It has a small vocabulary and simple spelling…and the grammar is very friendly compared to that of other non-Indo European languages.

Taking all this into account, Bahasa Indonesia might actually be one of the easier Austronesian languages for an English speaker to pick up. 

Reason 9: It’ll give you more opportunities to learn other languages.

Learning Indonesian provides a great introduction and foundation for those looking to study the Austronesian language family. 

This means that, once you have some basic knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia, learning languages like Malay, Brunei, and other local dialects will become so much easier!  

If you’re a language-lover, Indonesian can be a great choice, as it’s the gateway to a whole world of other languages.

Reason 10: The internet and technology make it even more convenient. 

Can you imagine living in the West and trying to learn Indonesian even just 50 years ago? Tough, right? You’d have to find and buy a coursebook in a specialized shop, then get a grammar manual and a couple of dictionaries at the very least.

A Woman Learning Indonesian on Her Tablet

Nowadays, you just turn on your laptop or phone and…boom! Endless language learning content, exercises, and courses. You can find books and films in Indonesian, recipes, podcasts, music, and more. 

The possibilities of the internet are endless. And this is true for language learning as well. So, take advantage of the amazing times we live in, and learn Indonesian now. It’s never been easier—or more fun and accessible!

4. The Fastest Way to Learn Indonesian

Speaking of technology, make sure you visit for incredibly useful language learning content. 

On the site, you’ll find lessons for all kinds of learners, topic-specific phrasebooks, podcasts on how to improve your skills, and cultural information to make your travels even more fulfilling. 

If you’re planning to travel or move to Indonesia, take a look at our travel Survival Course and all of the video and audio lessons available to prepare yourself for this big adventure. 

We hope these 10 reasons to learn Indonesian inspired you and motivated you to give your all for this language learning journey. 

So, hurry up—the 17,000+ islands of the Indonesian archipelago are waiting for you!

Before you go, we’d love to hear from you. How close are you to making a decision about Indonesian? Do you still have any questions or concerns? We’ll be glad to help you out!

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