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Kaos oblong biru itu terbuat dari katun.
The blue T-shirt is made from cotton.
Mouse hitam itu ada di atas alas mouse warna biru.
The black mouse is on the blue mouse pad.
Pria itu sedang memegang balon biru di tangannya.
The man is holding a blue balloon in his hand.
Kuku kaki yang patah itu menjadi biru dan lepas.
The broken toenail turned blue and fell off.
Langit biru berubah abu-abu ketika awan gelap mendekat.
The blue sky turned gray as the dark clouds approached.
Warna hijau adalah campuran dari kuning dan biru.
The color green is a mixture of yellow and blue.
Ada banyak corak warna biru, mulai dari biru tua sampai biru muda.
There are many shades of blue from dark blue to light blue.
Sabun padat itu berwarna biru.
The bar of soap is blue.
Paus biru adalah mahluk terbesar di dunia.
The blue whale is the biggest creature on earth.
Telepon biru itu ada di atas meja.
The blue telephone is on the table.
Ini adalah mobil biru berpintu dua.
It's a blue, two-door car.
Mata istri saya biru.
My wife has blue eyes.
setelan jas hitam, kemeja biru, dan dasi merah muda
black suit, blue shirt, and pink necktie
dua handuk warna biru
two blue towels
kaos oblong biru
blue T-shirt
tas biru
blue purse
sikat gigi warna biru
blue toothbrush
kemeja formal berkerah warna biru
blue collared dress shirt
piring biru muda
light-blue dish
memegang balon biru
hold a blue balloon
biru tua
dark blue
mangkuk biru
blue bowl
helikopter berwarna biru dan putih
blue and white helicopter
warna biru
color blue
langit biru
blue sky
biru muda
light blue
jins biru
blue jeans
langit biru berawan putih
blue sky with white clouds
paus berwarna biru
blue whale
buku teks biru
blue textbook

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