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Indonesian Vocabulary Words

Most linguists will tell you that an important factor in speeding up your learning is to increase your vocabulary. Not only will you be able to express yourself better with a larger vocabulary, you will also grasp much more of what is happening around you.

Learning Indonesian is no different from learning any other language. By gaining comprehension of Indonesian words, you will increase the success of your lessons. Whether you learn in a classroom or if you are learning through an Indonesian podcast, this will help you to understand the central message of each lesson faster, enabling you to get the most of the time you spend learning.

Native Indonesian speakers speak quickly. Sometimes learners have trouble grasping the grammar of a sentence, but once you recognize a few words you can easily grasp the basics of the conversation. With a good vocabulary, this is fairly easy to do. If you are learning Indonesian for travel, then focusing on vocabulary before learning grammar can be a useful strategy, especially if you have a short time to learn.

In addition to traditional lessons, there are many other approaches to increasing your Indonesian vocabulary. Watching movies in the Indonesian language (without subtitles) helps increase your vocabulary, as does listening to Indonesian radio programs. To get the most of these methods, you will need to be at an intermediate learning level, but listening to native speakers from Indonesia is a great way for anyone to pick up on Indonesian accents and learn pronunciation.

One of the best ways to learn how to speak Indonesian faster is to come up with a vocabulary of useful words to memorize. Begin with ten words, and each week, add to your list. Create flash cards, or use an iPod or iPhone application to do this more easily. This convenient option enables you to learn while on the road, before falling asleep at night, or while waiting in line. Many people respond best to seeing words and the Indonesian alphabet in written format.

One key to language learning is repetition. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Studying your vocabulary list each day for a few minutes will greatly increase your learning speed, plus you will understand and speak Indonesian much better with just a little time and effort. An Indonesian dictionary is certain to help speed things up.

Indonesianpod101 subscribers have access to many outstanding tools for building knowledge of Indonesian phrases and vocabulary. Each lesson provides a list of the vocabulary learned, serving as a great base for building a vocabulary list. In addition, you can use the Indonesian dictionary and glossary to find words to add to your own lists. Consider building lists for your own purpose; for example, make a list for business Indonesian, and use the flash card and review drill programs to build your vocabulary further. If you choose to learn Indonesian with the Indonesian podcast, you can approach learning in a way that suits you best.