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How to Speak Indonesian

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Perhaps you are finally going on your dream vacation to Indonesia, or maybe there is a job opportunity waiting for you there. There are many reasons you may want to learn to speak the Indonesian language. No matter what your reason, learning to speak Indonesian is simple when you have the right language learning tools at your disposal.

The secret to speaking Indonesian is not to take an expensive course or to hire a private tutor. Instead, all you need to do is make the best of your time and use the learning tools that work best for you.

Many ask the simple question of how to speak Indonesian. However, the answer to this question is not so simple. We all learn differently, so the best approach for another person is not necessarily the best for you. Some people learn through listening. Some must understand the building blocks of grammar before learning to shape sentences. Others simply learn by building their vocabulary word by word. Take a moment to think about your learning style, and you’ll have discovered the best way to structure your Indonesian lessons.

If you learn best by hearing and observing others, you can utilize this when learning how to speak Indonesian. For instance, an Indonesian podcast will work perfectly for you. By listening to native Indonesians speaking, you will learn Indonesian words and phrases spoken with the correct pronunciation and accents.

If you learn best by reading then it is important the Indonesian lessons you choose have a corresponding text to study. Many podcasts and lessons include a transcription as well as a vocabulary list. Many students benefit from flashcards, and an Indonesian Dictionary is essential, too. Learning programs such as Indonesianpod101 come with these applications and more.

While tailoring your Indonesian language lessons to match your learning style is important, committing to your studies is the next step in learning to speak Indonesian. Try to set aside a time at least once a week to take a lesson or listen to an Indonesian podcast. While you don’t have to spend hours every night learning how to speak Indonesian to make progress, setting aside just ten minutes daily can speed up your progress and improve retention. Use the time to look over past lessons or study vocabulary or flash cards.

If you want to learn Indonesian in a style that suits you, the Indonesian podcasts and other learning tools at Indonesianpod101 are outstanding resources, especially since you can learn anytime in a way that suits your learning style.