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Lesson Transcript

Hello and welcome to Indonesian Survival Phrases, brought to you by IndonesianPod101.com This course is designed to equip you with the language skills and knowledge to enable you to get the most out of your visit to Indonesia. You'll be surprised at how far a little Indonesian will go. Now before we jump in, remember to stop by IndonesianPod101.com. And there you’ll find the accompanying PDF and additional info in the post. If you stop by, be sure to leave us a comment.
Indonesian Survival Phrases Lesson 53. What Time Is It?
No matter where you are, you will always have some place to be! Today, we'll look at a question that will give the tools to find out how much time you have left to get there. We'll also give you the tools to understand!
In Indonesian "What time is it?" is Jam berapa? Let’s break it down by syllable Jam be-ra-pa? Now let’s hear it once again Jam berapa? The first word jam means "hour." Let’s break down this word and hear it one more time. Jam. Jam. This is followed by berapa, which in Indonesian is "How much." Berapa. Be-ra-pa. Berapa. So altogether we have Jam berapa? Literally this means "The hour, how much is it?" Let's go over hours here. Hours in Indonesian is jam. jam. jam.
In Indonesian, the number follows the word jam.
12 o'clock – jam duabelas
1 o'clock – jam satu
2 o'clock – jam dua
3 o'clock – jam tiga
4 o'clock – jam empat/jam pat
5 o'clock – jam lima
6 o'clock – jam enam/jam nem
7 o'clock – jam tujuh
8 o'clock – jam delapan
9 o'clock – jam sembilan
10 o'clock – jam sepuluh
11 o'clock – jam sebelas
Let's go over minutes here. "Minutes" in Indonesian is menit. me-nit. menit. Here, menit just follows the number. For example, 33 minutes is tiga puluh tiga menit. "44 minutes" is empat puluh empat menit. Again, it's just the number followed by the word for minutes, menit. We'll eventually put them together, but we need three more words before we can do that.
The first one we'll need is lewat, which means "to pass by."Le-wat. lewat. Another word that's similar to lewat is lebih, which means "more." Le-bih, lebih. You use these words when you want to indicate that some minutes have already passed a certain hour. Now, to indicate that some minutes remain before the new hour, you should use the word kurang which means "less." Ku-rang. kurang. All three words come before the number of minutes.
Let's see how these are used. To say that it's 3:12, you say jam tiga lewat duabelas menit. Or jam tiga lebih duabelas menit. To say that it's 2:57, the easiest way to say this is jam tiga kurang tiga menit. Do you see how this works? First I start with the new hour, 3 o'clock, jam tiga. Then, since I know that it's three minutes before the new hour, I indicate that by saying kurang tiga menit or "less by three minutes." So, I have jam tiga kurang tiga menit.
One of the unique things about Indonesians is that when it comes to expressing half hours, speakers usually express it by counting it up to the new hour rather than counting past the current hour. How this is work? let’s say you want to say that it’s currently 4:30. In English we could say that it’s half past four. However in Indonesian, the vast majority of speakers express this as jam setengah lima which literally means “half to five”. This may be something that seems unusual at first, but it’ll be easier the more you use this expression.
Okay to close out today’s lesson we’d like for you to practice what you’ve just learned. I’ll provide you with the English equivalent of the phrase and you’re responsible for saying the Indonesian phrase out loud or in Indonesian, dengan keras. You’ll have a few seconds before I give you the answer so selamat sukses, that means "good luck!" in Indonesian.
All right so here we go!
“What time is it?” (Jam berapa? Jam be-ra-pa? Jam berapa?)
“It’s 3:12.” There are two possible answers. (Jam tiga lewat dua belas menit. Jam ti-ga le-wat du-a be-las me-nit. Jam tiga lewat dua belas menit.) or (Jam tiga lebih dua belas menit. Jam ti-ga le-bih du-a be-las me-nit. Jam tiga lebih dua belas menit.)
“It’s 2:57.” (Jam tiga kurang tiga menit. Jam ti-ga ku-rang ti-ga me-nit. Jam tiga kurang tiga menit.)
“It’s 4:30.” (Jam setengah lima. Jam se-teng-ah li-ma. Jam setengah lima.)
Alright, that's going to do it for today!
Remember to stop by IndonesianPod101.com and pick up the accompanying PDF. When you stop by, be sure to leave us a comment.