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Lesson Transcript

Halo semuanya, nama saya Fira! Hi everybody! I’m Fira.
Welcome to IndonesianPod101.com’s “Bahasa Indonesia dalam 3 menit”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Indonesian.
In the last lesson, we learned how to ask "What" questions in Indonesian.
This time, we are going to ask "where" questions.
Imagine you're talking with your friend on the phone and want to know where he is. You will ask him Kamu sedang di mana? This is the exact translation of "Where are you?"
So let’s break down this question.
First we had -
Kamu, which is “you” in Indonesian. It's inbetween formal and informal.
Sedang puts the sentence in the present progressive tense.
Di means “At”
Finally Mana is "where"
Altogether it is Kamu sedang di mana? "Where are you?"
So in Indonesian, "Where" is mainly translated as Mana
If you want to ask "Where do you live?" You will say Kamu tinggal di mana?
But be careful, if you want to ask "Where do you come from?" you will use Dari instead of Di.
So, that question in Indonesian is Kamu berasal dari mana?
The word Di also changes if you are asking about a destination. If you say, for example, Kamu mau pergi ke mana?
This literally means "Where are you going to?" The question phrase Ke mana is used when asking about a destination, for example, a train station.
When you want to ask about a route, you can say Lewat mana, which means "by where."
You can often hear Kamu ke bandara lewat mana? "By where are you going to the airport?" or “Which route are you taking to the airport?”
Now it’s time for Fira’s Insights.
If you ask about a stranger’s country of origin, the exact translation of "Where do you come from", Kamu asalnya di mana? can sound a bit rude.
So my advice would be asking Kamu aslinya dari mana? That means "From where are you native?"
In this lesson, we learned how to ask "where" questions in Indonesian.
In the next lesson, we’ll learn about "when" questions!
I’ll be waiting for you in the next Bahasa Indonesia dalam 3 menit lesson.
sampai jumpa!