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Lesson Transcript

Halo semuanya, nama saya Fira. Hi everybody! I’m Fira.
Welcome to IndonesianPod101.com’s “Bahasa Indonesia dalam 3 menit”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Indonesian.
In the last lesson, we learned how to use Indonesian adjectives easily.
In this lesson we will start a series of lessons dedicated to the most common Indonesian verbs, the ones you will definitely hear all the time!
The first verb in our series will be pergi, which means "to go". We will use this word along with many different destinations.
So imagine someone asks you Liburan mau pergi ke mana? That means "Where are you going for your holidays?" in the informal form.
So if you are going to the beach for example, you will say Saya mau pergi ke pantai. [slowly] Saya mau pergi ke pantai.
So let’s break down this answer.
First we had-
Saya mau which is "I want to..."
Next we have the verb pergi, "go".
And we had ke pantai which means “to the beach”.
So now, let’s have an explanation of this connecting word between Pergi, "go" and your destination, which is ke.
The particle ke indicates movement towards a destination.
Now let’s take a look at another example-
Saya mau pulang ke rumah, literally "I want to go back to home"
Imagine you are on the bus on your way back home. To tell someone about where you are, you can say- Saya sedang berada di bus. which means “I’m on the bus.”
Let’s break this down.
Saya is the formal for “I”
Sedang or “at the moment” is used to indicate an action is in progress.
Berada means “located”
Di means “at”, “in” or “on” and is a particle used to indicate a location or place.
and finally Bus, which is “Bus.”
You can replace the word Bus with any other place. For example, Saya berada di kantor which means “I’m in the office”. Or
Saya berada di rumah teman. which means
“I’m at a friend’s place.”
Now it’s time for Fira’s tips.
In Indonesian, if someone asks you and your friend "Where are you going now?" You can say Kita mau pergi ke mal which means "We are going to the mall".
But you can also say Kita mau pergi ke mal, mau ikut? with an interrogative tone and in this case it’s like an invitation - "We are going to the mall, do you want to come with?"
So, in this lesson, we learned how to use the verb pergi. Next time, we’ll learn another very useful verb, ”to do”
I’ll be waiting for you in the next Bahasa Indonesia dalam 3 menit.
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