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Lesson Transcript

Halo semuanya, nama saya Fira. Hi everybody! I’m Fira.
Welcome to IndonesianPod101.com’s “Bahasa Indonesia dalam 3 menit”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Indonesian.
In the last lesson we learned how to count rupiah. Did you practice at home?
In this lesson, we're going to learn other useful tips to talk about your schedule - for example, if a friend asks you "What are you doing this weekend?"
Let’s start!
To ask someone you already know or a friend, you say-
Akhir minggu rencananya ngapain?
[slowly] Akhir minggu rencananya ngapain?
Let’s break it down.
Akhir minggu → is "end of the week".
Rencananya is “the plan”.
And ngapain means “doing what”.
if you want to ask the same question in a formal way,
Apa rencana kamu akhir pekan ini?
Apa is “what”, Rencana is “plan”.
Kamu is one of the formal ways to say “you”,
Akhir pekan is the formal version of “weekend”. And ini means “this”.
Apa rencana kamu akhir pekan ini?
[slowly] Apa rencana kamu akhir pekan ini?
What if you’re not asking about this weekend?
Asking about a different time period is easy.
Tomorrow is besok. So you can also say Apa rencana kamu besok? which means “What are you doing tomorrow?” Or, you could also put in a weekday, like Senin, "Monday" or Minggu, which is "Sunday". But you have to add the word hari which means “day” before the name of the day. So it will be:
Apa rencana kamu hari Senin?
Apa rencana kamu hari Minggu?
So now, if someone asks *you* Apa rencana kamu besok?, or "What are you doing tomorrow?", how can you answer?
Here's an example- Saya besok pergi ke kantor. "I'm going to the office." Saya means "I", besok means “tomorrow,” pergi means “going” and ke kantor means "to the office". Feel free to replace "office" with any other location!
Now it’s time for Fira’s Insights.
Even though you will hear the word Ngapain in Indonesia, it is a slang word that originated from Jakarta. Ngapain is formed from the word apa which means “what”.
But in some situations, it can mean “what do you do?”, “why”, and “what for”. It’s a really handy word to learn. But please be careful in using this word since sometimes it’s has negative overtones.
In this lesson we learned how to talk about your schedule. Next time we are going to learn about how to tell people your nationality.
I'll be waiting for you in the next Bahasa Indonesia dalam 3 menit.
Sampai Jumpa lagi!