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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to IndonesianPod101.com’s “Bahasa Indonesia dalam 3 menit”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Indonesian.
Halo nama saya Fira. Senang bertemu dengan anda. Hi, I'm Fira. Nice to meet you.
In this series, we’re going to learn basic Indonesian expressions. It’s super easy and it only takes three minutes!
In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to introduce yourself in Indonesian. But first it is important to clarify that there is a difference between formal and informal speech.
Let’s first see how Indonesian people introduce themselves in an *informal* situation.
Halo, Nama saya Fira. Hi. My name is Fira.
[slowly] Halo, Nama saya Fira.
Start by saying:
Halo, Nama saya... then, say your name. Nama saya Fira.
Halo, Nama saya Fira.
And now let’s see the same sentence in formal speech,
Selamat Siang, Nama saya Fira Lukito. Senang bertemu dengan anda. Good morning, my name is Fira Lukito. Nice to meet you.
[slowly] Selamat Siang, Nama saya Fira Lukito. Senang bertemu dengan anda.
So, what has changed from the previous introduction?
Let’s take a look at close look at these together.
Halo is an informal way of saying “hello” in Indonesian. In formal situations, you want to use Selamat Siang in place for “Good Afternoon”.
Nama saya Fira has not been changed; in both cases, nama saya means “My name is”, however during a formal self introduction we also say our last name, so I said Fira Lukito.
For a formal situation, you might want to add Senang bertemu dengan anda which is the polite way to say “Nice to meet you”.
One more time:
The informal way to introduce yourself in Indonesian is Halo, nama saya Fira.
The formal way to introduce yourself is
Selamat siang, nama saya Fira Lukito. Senang bertemu dengan anda.
Now it’s time for Fira’s Insights.
When you introduce yourself, it's a good habit to shake hands in Indonesia.
If you use the correct sentence with Indonesian people, they’re definitely going to be impressed!
Do you know how we say “thank you” in Indonesian? You’ll learn how to say this and many other words in the next lesson. Sampai ketemu di pelajaran mendatang! See you then!


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Friday at 6:30 pm
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Let’s introduce yourself in Indonesian!

Friday at 5:27 pm
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Halo Corey,
Salam kenal! Saya suka sekali mengunjungi Australia.
Terutama pantainya yang sangat putih dan bersih. :thumbsup:

Team IndonesianPod101.com

Thursday at 2:54 pm
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Halo nama saya Corey, saya dari australia

Thursday at 12:28 pm
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Hi Martin,

Thanks for pointing that out. “Nama” isn’t supposed to be written with capital letter. We have already fixed the Lesson Notes.
About the Android app, we will integrate video lessons in the future. For now please enjoy our audio lessons on the go, and check out videos in your computer! 😄
Let us know if you have questions.

Team IndonesianPod101.com

Tuesday at 3:00 pm
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Halo, Nama saya Martin. Is it planned to integrate the video lessons into the Innovative Android app in the future?

In the lesson notes “Nama” is written with a capital letter. Is that right, that nouns are written with a capital letter, like for example in German language?

Saturday at 10:47 pm
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Hi Riesjart,

Thanks for your comment!
I hope you can learn a lot of things from this lesson 😉

Team IndonesianPod101.com

Tuesday at 5:02 pm
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Great introduction! And a very challenging speed😄
Pengenalan yang besar sekali! Dan putusan cepat yang menantang 😄