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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Indonesian Top Words with me, Blanca. So today’s lesson is 10 gift ideas you must know in Indonesian, okay.
1. laptop “laptop”
Saya butuh laptop agar saya bisa bekerja dimana saja. “I need a laptop so I can work anywhere.”
But who will give me a laptop for a gift? Yeah, because laptop is a very, very expensive gift, don’t you think so? Would you give a laptop to your friend? You will? Can I be your friend? Please.
2. minyak wangi “perfume”
Minyak wangi yang saya suka tidak dijual di sini. “The perfume that I like is not sold in here.”
If someone gives me a perfume, that means I’m smelly, right? Like, for example, here is a perfume, please, please, please wear this, and I was like thinking, ah.. I must be smelly. Okay, I will wear this. Maybe, it’s nice if it’s you know someone well, but if you don’t know that person well and you give her or him a perfume, yeah, he might think that he is smelly and needs a perfume, so, think about it.
3. buku “book”
Saya biasanya membeli buku lewat Amazon. “I usually buy books through Amazon.”
4. kamera “camera”
Ongkos untuk memperbaiki kamera digital saya yang rusak sangat mahal. “The cost of repairing my broken digital camera is very expensive.”
Yeah, you’re probably right. I should say that my camera is broken so someone will buy it for me. Digital camera is very, very expensive, but now, we take picture with this next word.
5. seluler pintar “smartphone”
Saya ingin seluler pintar untuk hadiah ulang tahun saya. “I want a smartphone for my birthday present.”
Funny thing is about smartphone, that it makes people not smart, like we forget things and, yeah, but we can take pictures, we can save reminder, save our schedules. That’s good, but there are some downsides too, so don’t forget. If you have a smartphone, don’t forget to make yourself smart too, okay?
6. konsol permainan “game console”
Ayah saya tidak pernah mengizinkan saya bermain konsol permainan. “My dad never allows me to play a game console.”
He is probably right, because, well, it is fun to play with game console, but sometimes, you forget about time, because they consume all your time to study, even to eat, even to sleep, so, probably he is right and you should listen to your dad. And if you want to play, you have to… probably, you have to schedule your own time and be sure you do that homework, you sleep well, you eat well, so probably, your dad will change his mind, okay?
7. kamus “dictionary”
Saya sedang mencari kamus bahasa Perancis - Inggris. “I'm looking for a French - English language dictionary.”
8. sepatu “shoes”
Saya suka sekali dengan sepatu ini tapi ukuran saya sudah habis terjual. “I really like these shoes, but my size is sold out.”
I just read about this, but is it true that, nowadays, people are allowed to use hideous sneakers? No? Never heard of it? Yeah, I read… probably, it’s like a sarcasm, because in the 80s and 90s like sneakers are really, really cool and, well, they’re new trend, but now, it’s like, the trend is like you can find any shoes that you want in the market and some of them are hideous, but you are allowed to use it because you like it. So people are allowed to use any shoes that they like nowadays. I know, yeah. I don’t know, I read this from probably not important meme.
9. perhiasan “jewelry”
Apakah kamu lebih suka perhiasan perak atau emas? “Which do you prefer, silver jewelry or gold?”
For me, I like gold because it’s beautiful and, yeah, it’s more expensive, but I think in some countries, you can sell it even. If you need money, then you can just sell it to, yeah, some shops that can take your gold and exchange for money. Oh, money, greedy, greedy. Don’t talk about money.
10. sepeda “bicycle”
Saya selalu naik sepeda menuju ke sekolah. “I always ride a bicycle to go to school.”
Okay, so that’s the end of gifts you should know in Indonesian. So which gift would you like to give to your friend? Because some of them are expensive, I noticed, but if you want to give a laptop or a digital camera or a smartphone to me, I will gladly receive it and I will be the nicest friend for you. Oh no, that’s not nice. That’s materialistic, I know, it’s not good, okay. So anyway, probably, you have other ideas for gifts in Indonesian that you know of. You can write in the comment section. See you! Sampai jumpa!