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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Indonesian Top Words, with me, Blanca. So, today’s lesson will be about 10 must-know autumn vocabulary. Okay then, let’s start!
1. baju hangat “sweater”
Saya membeli baju hangat ini saat saya berpergian ke New York. “I bought this sweater by the time I traveled to New York.”
So, yeah, the word was baju hangat “sweater”. We also say sweater, but we say it like sweater. So, yeah, if you say it in Indonesia, “Do you have a sweater?” Kamu punya sweater? Yeah, they understand baju hangat.
2. hujan “rainy”
Hari ini akan turun hujan sepanjang hari. “Today the rain will fall all day.”
So today, the rain will fall all day, so what will I do today? Ah-ha! Sleep, because that’s what Indonesian do when it’s raining outside, we sleep inside. We have this word called, mager means males gerak means “we are lazy to do anything” at all. So this is what we do when it’s raining, mager / males gerak. Just sleep, I’m too lazy to do anything.
3. berangin “windy”
Di luar agak berangin jadi sebaiknya kamu pakai jaket. “It's a little bit windy outside, so you better wear your jacket.”
It’s windy, the wind, the wind is so, so… What’s the wind? So strong, ah, the wind is so strong, where’s my jacket? Oh, I don’t have any, I’ll go home. Jacket!
4. sejuk “cool”
Sekitar bulan Oktober udaranya sangat sejuk. “Around October, the air is very cool.”
Well, there are some cool places, like up in the mountain. But now, not so cool because we don’t have autumn.
5. musim gugur “autumn”
Daun-daun berganti warna saat musim gugur. “The leaves change its colors during the autumn season.”
Yeah, actually, this is what the tropical country’s people don’t have, like the leaf changes color. Indonesian people try to go abroad like to Canada, America, Japan, anywhere that have autumn. And yeah, we want to see the leaves change its colors because it’s so beautiful.
6. pilek “cold”
Saat pilek saya sering minum air jahe yang hangat dengan madu dan lemon. “When I catch a cold, I often drink a warm ginger water with honey and lemon.”
Yes, actually, in Indonesia, we add milk and raw egg with this, but not honey. We use like a brown sugar which is very, very special. We cannot find it outside Indonesia. Probably, we can in Thailand or Philippines, but it’s different. So, yeah, this is very good if you are catching a cold or pilek. Hmm, I hate pilek, I hate cold, like, runny nose. Hmm, cold and fever. My head hurts, I want to go to the doctor and I want to sleep.
7. kacang kastanya “chestnut”
Saya belum pernah makan kacang kastanya, seperti apa rasanya? “I've never eaten a chestnut. What does it taste like?”
If it’s good, you can say enak “good / delicious”, enak, or not good, tidak enak “not good”, okay? I’ll be waiting.
8. daun “leaf”
Daun ini adalah bagian dari hiasan, bukan untuk dimakan. “This leaf is part of a decoration; it's not intended for eating.”
If there is a, like a leaf in my plate, I would just eat it, as long as it’s not plastic. I’ll just try to eat it and if it’s not good, I would just pah…, but I tried. Hmm, yeah, I tried, I like to try new things, so that’s that.
9. dedaunan yang gugur “falling leaves”
Anak-anak itu sedang bermain di hamparan dedaunan yang gugur. “The kids are playing at the overlay of falling leaves.”
10. Hari Pengucapan Syukur “Thanksgiving”
Saya akan menonton parade Hari Pengucapan Syukur pada siang hari. “I will watch the Thanksgiving parade in the daytime.”
I cannot think of a day that we give thanks, like nationally. We give thanks every day.
That was awesome.
People in Indonesia, it’s so religious and we give thanks every day, so we have no, like national holiday, where we sit and eat a big feast just to give thanks, okay? So, yeah, we give thanks every day, remember that. You should too.
Okay, so that’s the end. Don’t forget to write a comment. So, see you! Sampai jumpa!