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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! I'm Blanca, and you're watching Indonesian Top Words. Today's lesson is 20 Words You'll Need for the Beach. Ok, let's begin!
1. kacamata hitam "sunglasses"
Kakak saya yang pakai kacamata hitam di kepalanya. "My brother is the one wearing the sunglasses on top of his head."
kacamata hitam
kaca means "glass"
mata means "eye"
and hitam means "black"
So, I'm going to give you an example. So this is kacamata, only "glass" on your "eyes", kacamata.
And, kacamata hitam. Ok? This is kacamata only, and this is a black one, sunglasses. It will be called kacamata hitam even though it is brown.
It's odd, really, but this is also, like, kacamata hitam, "sunglasses".
Anyway, we have a slang word for this kacamata hitam, it is cengdem, it is from the word seceng adem. Seceng comes from Chinese word, means "a thousand". Adem means "cool"; so back then, like, sunglasses is very very cheap, it's like a thousand rupiah, it's like 10 cents. I don't know if it's possible, but yeah, it happens.
So there are a lot of sellers who sell very very cheap sunglasses and it works perfectly, so we often call it cengdem.
2. pantai "beach"
Pantai di sini agak kotor dan pasirnya tidak putih. "The beach here is kind of dirty, and the sand is not white."
Yeah, this is probably what happens when you go to the beach in Jakarta. Like, it's difficult to find a beach with clear white sand, so you have to go outside Jakarta, probably to west of Jakarta, or you can go to other islands, which are much more beautiful, like, Bali Lombok, Malado, just google it, you'll find many many awesome beaches with white sand. Ok? That's your homework.
3. renang "swimming"
Sebelum berenang, pakai tabir surya dulu. "Before swimming, wear the sunscreen first."
I love to swim, like, you can swim almost every day in Indonesia because it's always summer. But the thing is, I think I don't remember ever putting on sunblock or sunscreen before swimming, ever, when I was a child. There was usual for us Indonesian because we're already have tanned so I don't know why we need sunscreen.
4. matahari "sun"
Hari ini mataharinya terik sekali. "The sun is very strong today."
Is the sun is very strong today at your place? In Indonesia, it almost happens every day, except for when it's raining. But 30 minutes rain, and then "poof", and then the sun is strong again.
5. pohon palem "palm tree"
Di depan rumahnya ada pohon palem yang tinggi. "In front of his house, there is a tall palm tree."
6. kerang laut "seashell"
Adik saya suka sekali mengumpulkan kerang laut di pantai. "My younger sister likes to collect seashells at the beach."
7. baju renang "swimsuit"
Dia sedang memilih baju renang di toko. "She is choosing a swimsuit at the shop."
8. samudera "ocean"
Indonesia terletak diantara samudera Hindia dan samudera Pasifik . "Indonesia lies between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean."
9. cuaca "weather"
Kalau besok cuacanya bagus, kita akan pergi ke pantai. "If the weather is good, we will go to the beach."
10. jetski "jet ski"
Can you guess what it is now? Really? It's jet ski in English.
Berapa harga sewa untuk jetski? "How much is the rent for jet ski?"
Yes, you can ask this when you want to rent a jet ski. Have fun with the jet ski, but be careful!
11. handuk pantai "beach towel"
Saya lupa membawa handuk pantai. "I forgot to bring my beach towel."
That could cause a lot of problems if you are freezing and wet, and you don't have a towel. You probably can dry with the wind, just, you know, lay down on the beach and let the wind and the sun dry you up. That's a solution, right?
12. kursi pantai "beach chair"
Kaca mata renang kamu saya letakan di kursi pantai. "I put your goggles on the beach chair."
13. istana pasir "sand castle"
Anak-anak sedang membangun istana pasir. "The kids are building a sand castle."
I don't think only kids are building sand castles, are you still building sand castles when you go to the beach?
14. kotak pendingin "cooler"
Tolong ambilkan teh botol saya di kotak pendingin. "Please take my tea bottle from the cooler."
Pretty please?
Kotak pendingin. Kotak means "box," dingin means "cold," so "a box that keeps something cold inside." Kotak pendingin, it's really, really helpful, and cheap. Just have to put a lot of ice inside.
15. pasang "tide"
Kalau sudah pasang, kamu sudah tidak bisa berjalan menuju ke karang itu lagi. "When it's (high) tide, you won't be able to walk towards that rock again."
In this sentence, it means "tide," it could be low tide or high tide; but pasang has a lot of meanings, for example, it could mean "to install" or "a couple". For animals, if it's a male and female animals, you say satu pasang, "one couple." Like, for human also, like, you see a couple, you say satu pasang. One more meaning of pasang, is you can use it for socks, one pair of socks, satu pasang kaos kaki.
"Socks", kaos kaki. So, satu pasang kaos kaki, "one pair of socks." So it has a lot of meanings.
16. sawo matang "tan"
Saya ingin punya kulit warna sawo matang seperti kamu. "I want to have a tan-color skin, like yours."
So this word, sawo matang, comes from a fruit, sawo. So the shape of the fruit is similar to kiwi, not too big, not too small, brownish outside, inside also brownish. Yeah, so sawo matang is like my kind of skin color, it's not too fair, it's not too dark, it's just brown like that fruit. Sawo matang, tan.
17. snorkeling "snorkeling"
You know, right? Yeah, it's the same in English, it's snorkeling.
Saya belum pernah snorkeling, jadi tolong ajarkan ya.
This is a true story.
Saya belum pernah snorkeling, jadi tolong ajarkan ya.
"I've never gone snorkeling, so please teach me how."
This is a very beautiful beach.
Am I doing this right?
Oh my god! A shark! A shark!
Go back!
No! Help! Help!
18. sendal jepit "flip-flop"
Dia kemana-mana selalu pakai sendal jepit. "He always goes everywhere in flip-flops."
It's easier to wear flip-flops everywhere, like, every day. It's easy, it's comfortable, it's cheap, you can buy it anywhere. Tt's made out of rubber, even when it's raining, you don't have to be in your leather shoes or your running shoes or whatever, whatever shoes you're wearing. It's just easy.
Flip-flop for ever! Sendal jepit. Yay!
19. tabir surya "sunscreen"
Pakai tabir surya ini sebelum keluar rumah. "Wear this sunscreen before you get out of the house."
20. bikini "bikini"
This is the same word in English but just different pronunciation. It's bikini! Yay!
Saya kurang berani pakai bikini. "I'm not daring enough to wear a bikini."
So this is probably true for most Indonesian women, especially who lives in Indonesia, anywhere, any place. We are Muslim majority country, so a lot of people even, if they go swimming on the beach or swimming pool, they wear a very special swimsuit, all of their bodies are covered by the swimsuit except for your face.
Ok, guys! This is the end of our lesson today, so we've learned 20 Words You'll Need for the Beach in Indonesian. So if you have any questions or comments about those words or any other words in Indonesian, don't hesitate to write in the comment section. Ok then! Sampai jumpa lagi!