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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, I am Blanca and you are watching top words. Today, we are going to learn Top 25 Indonesian Phrases. Are you ready?
1. Halo. “Hello.”
Okay first one. Hello? “Hello.”
We are saying this if we meet someone for the first time. Hello. Halo. Or you can say this on the telephone.
Hello, can I speak to…
2. Selamat pagi. “Good morning.”
Selamat pagi. This is morning. Very, very good morning.
Okay. The third one.
3. Selamat sore. “Good afternoon.”
4. Selamat malam. “Goodnight.”
Selamat malam. Can you guess what it is? Yes, goodnight. Yeah after afternoon, goodnight.
Selamat malam.
5. Siapa nama kamu? “What's your name?”
6. Saya Blanca. “I'm Blanca.”
To answer the previous question, I would say Saya Blanca. My name is Blanca or I am Blanca.
Saya Blanca.
Siapa namamu? “What’s your name?”
Saya Mika. “I am Mika.”
7. Senang bertemu denganmu. “Nice to meet you.”
Senang bertemu denganmu.
Or you can say,
Senang bertemu dengan kamu.
Senang bertemu denganmu.
Did you get it?
8. Apa kabar? “How are you?”
This is like universal. Apa kabar? “How are you?”
Apa kabar?
9. Saya baik, terima kasih. Dan kamu? “I'm fine, thanks. And you?”
Saya baik, terima kasih. Dan kamu?
10. Mohon. “Please.”
Mohon. Please...
11. Terima kasih. “Thank you.”
Terima kasih. Did you get it?
Terima kasih. “Thank you.”
12. Sama-sama. “You're welcome.”
Okay. This next one is the answer to the previous phrase.
Sama-sama. “You're welcome.”
So if people say Terima kasih, you can say, Sama-sama.
13. Iya. “Yes.”
Iya means “Yes.”
Iya. So you could answer this if you are agreeing with something or you want to say yes or just Ya, Ya or yeah. Yes.
14. Tidak. “No.”
If you want to say you disagree or you don’t like something, you don’t want something, you can say Tidak. No. Tidak. No. This is the very formal way to say no but usually we say Nggak but that’s like a casual, very casual and informal way of saying no.
Tidak. Nggak.
15. Baik. “Okay.”
This word means good but it can be used if you say okay. It’s also okay to use Okay in Indonesia because they also understand okay but in the formal way, you say baik.
16. Permisi. “Excuse me.”
Permisi. So you can use this if you are visiting someone’s house and you are knocking at the door and knock, knock. Permisi. There’s no one answering. Just keep saying Permisi. Permisi until they came out.
17. Saya minta maaf. “I'm sorry.”
What did I do wrong? I don’t know but just say you are sorry. It works every, every phase, every situation. Saya minta maaf.
18. Jam berapa sekarang? “What time is it?”
Jam berapa sekarang? Can you guess what it means? Yeah. What time is it? Jam berapa sekarang? “What time is it?”
I don’t know. I don’t have any watch.
19. Di mana letak kamar kecil? “Where is the restroom?”
Di mana letak kamar kecil? Ss I have to go.
Di mana letak kamar kecil? “Where is the restroom?”
20. Mohon tunggu sebentar. “Wait a moment.”
Tur tur… hmm, the line you are calling is busy.
Mohon tunggu sebentar. “Wait a moment.” “Wait a moment.”
Mohon tunggu sebentar. It’s always busy.
21. Berapa harganya? “How much is this?”
You can use this if you are shopping in a small shop.
Mbak, berapa harganya? And you can even bargain for it if they let you. Just try.
Mbak, berapa? “Miss, how much?”
22. Tolong! “Help!”
Help, please! Mohon tolong saya!
23. Sampai jumpa lagi. “See you later.”
Sampai jumpa lagi. You can use this in the end of your meeting.
Sampai jumpa lagi.
24. Selamat tinggal. “Goodbye.”
Selamat tinggal. This usually ends not very well because it means, like, you are not going to see each other again. Selamat tinggal. Huh huh huh goodbye! I don’t like this.
25. Saya tidak tahu. “I don't know.”
So yeah, if you were asked by someone about something and you definitely don’t know, you should say this.
Saya tidak tahu. “I don't know.”
What’s your hobby?
Saya tidak tahu. I don’t know.
What do you know? Nah!
Okay guys, so that’s the end of today’s lesson. Okay then, Sampai jumpa lagi. Goodbye!