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Learn all about the society and culture of Indonesia.
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All About

In this set of 15 lessons, you will learn all about the society and culture of Indonesia. These lessons are entirely in English and are for those who want to learn more about the Indonesian language and in-depth information about Indonesia.

ALL ABOUT Title/Topic Function Summary
#1 Introduction to Indonesia and the Indonesian Language Talking about Indonesia and the Indonesian language Background of the Indonesian Language, About Indonesia, Where Is Indonesian Spoken? Indonesian Writing
#2 Cracking the Indonesian Writing System Understanding the Indonesian Writing System The Indonesian writing system and alphabet
#3 Painless Indonesian Grammar Understanding the characteristics of Indonesian Grammar Basic Indonesian Grammar, Gender, Articles, Plurals of Nouns, The Plural Definite Article, Pronouns, Conjugation, Unique Aspect of Language, Adjectives
#4 Indonesian Pronunciation Made Easy Understanding the characteristics of Indonesian Pronunciation Indonesian Vowels and Consonants, Consonant Groups, Indonesian's Sound that are Different from Other Languages
#5 Top Five Must-Know Phrases for Learning Indonesian Using the top 5 must-know phrases in Indonesian Phrase 1: Permisi ("Excuse me," "I'm sorry")
Phrase 2: Silahkan ("Go ahead," "You may")
Phrase 3: Tolong ("Please," "Help")
Phrase 4: Sudah ("Already," "Completed")
Phrase 5: Iya ("Right," "Yes")
#6 Can You Answer These Questions About Indonesia? Testing yourself on Indonesia 5 quiz questions testing your knowledge on Indonesia
#7 Indonesian Cuisine Talking about famous Indonesian dishes Indonesian cuisine: typical dishes, regional dishes, seasonal dishes, table etiquette
#8 Introduction to Indonesian Society Talking about daily life and society in Indonesia Life in Indonesia: Major Cities and How they Work, Family Life, Work, Culture, and Economy, Politics, Generational Trends
#9 Top Five Most Important Dates on the Indonesian Calendar Talking about important holidays Number 5: Independence Day
Number 4: Maulud
Number 3: Nyepi
Number 2: Galungan and Kuningan
Number 1: Idul Fitri (or Lebaran)
#10 Popular Culture in Indonesia Talking about Indonesian pop culture Pop Culture in Indonesia: Music, Movies, Television, Celebrities, Sports Figures
#11 Top Five Most Useful Tools for Learning Indonesian Using the top 5 tools to help you learn Indonesian Top 5 Useful Tools for Learning Indonesian:
2. Northern Illinois University: Indonesian Language Site
3. Bahasa Kita ("Our Language")
4. University of Victoria-Beginning Indonesian Learning Resources
5. Lang-8
#12 Top Five Indonesian Classroom Phrases Using useful Indonesian phrases in the classroom 5 Useful Phrases for the Classroom in Indonesian:
1. Coba diulangi ("Please repeat after me.")
2. Coba lihat dulu ("Please look.")
3. Coba baca dulu ("Please read.")
4. Coba tulis dulu ("Please write it.")
5. Mengerti? ("Do you understand?")
#13 Top Five Phrases Your Indonesian Teacher Will Never Teach You! Using Indonesian phrases you won't learn in the classroom Top 5 Phrases Your Teacher Will Never Teach You:
1. Banget
2. Kurang ajar!
3. Dong!
4. Sial
5. Gua
#14 Top Five Tips for Avoiding Common Mistakes in Indonesian Avoiding common mistakes in Indonesian 5 Tips for Avoiding Mistakes in Indonesian:
Tip #1: Don't say "I" more than necessary!
Tip 2: Don't Use an Inappropriate Form of "You"!
Tip 3: Past and Present Are the Same! A Ya Is Not Always a "Yes"!
Tip 4: Learn to Be Comfortable with Your Velar Nasal Consonant Now!
Tip 5: Watch Out for Similar-Sounding Words!
#15 Top Five Indonesian Phrases from the Hosts Using the hosts' favorite Indonesian phrases IndonesianPod101's Favorite Phrases in Indonesian:
1. Begitu
2. Sekaligus
3. Enak
4. Lumayan
5. Aduh